Increase Advertising ROI for your customers

FightHoax offers a seamless way to extract actionable insights from news, allowing DSPs to increase the advertising ROI for their customers, through smart brand safety filters and deep contextual targeting.

"UPS Truck Hijacking Suspect Shot Dead"

"See how Ariana Grande celebrates Valentine's Day"
- USAToday

"Dozens of Indian soldiers killed in suicide bomb attack"
- FoxNews

Brand Safety

Safeguard ad campaigns on news content, with smart brand safety filters.

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Contextual Targeting

Increase conversion for your ad campaigns on news content, with contextual targeting.

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Guard reputation

Help your customers save money and safeguard their reputation by avoiding being advertised in harmful news content, such as with extreme opinion, poorly written content and/or low quality news sources.

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Beyond static lists

FightHoax offers a dynamic choice to advertisers, leaving behind the old blacklist-based protection of ad-campaigns. Pre-bid analyse news articles at a deep level and don't fund hate, propaganda and negative content.

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Insights from context

Help your brand customers find the most suitable and safe news audience by targeting 3-level categorization, reputable authors, source & article quality scores and more targeting options.

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Targeting Beyond Keywords & Categories

Let your customers increase the advertising ROI through deep contextual news targeting. Target 5-layer emotion enriched entities, reputable sources & authors, 3-level categorization and more.

Did you know? 4 in 10 brands have delivered ads on brand harmful sites. Consumers are 50% less likely to recommend the brand when they see an ad next to bad content.

Built for platforms

Rapidly build production-ready integrations into your tools. FightHoax provides a dashboard and a JSON-based API for direct integration to platforms. Our team is here to assist you, in every step of your planning and implementation.

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Usage Monitoring
// Author information
"name": "Carrie Johnson"
"profile_links": [
// Article information
"trust": 9.4,
"provocative_language": false,
"hard_readibility": true,
"extreme_opinion": false,
"poor_grammar_syntax": true
// Entity emotion analysis
"Donald Trump": {
"sadness": 0.133669, "joy": 0.084181, "fear": 0.578072